Infinite Blues

Even as the large waves crashes against the lava rocks, what is it about the ocean that calms me so?








As an Aquarius, I fully embrace the open sea, the crystal blues and everything water-related. Whether its sailing, a beach walk, or watching the high tide roll in, I never feel more at home than by the ocean. As a native New Yorker, this may seem quite odd, but I love living in both worlds. The infinite shades of cerulean of Hawaii is like a dream. I’m pretty jealous of everyone who gets to call this their backyard. Come to think of it, I seem to gravitate to wearing a lot whites, blues or the combination of the two. I didn’t even notice until I looked at these photos.

Always going for the blue!

Wearing: C. WONDER scarf, OLD NAVY dress, SOLUDOS lace espadrilles

Right here, we took a last minute trip to the Kalapaki Bay Lighthouse, also known as the Ninini Point Lighthouse, when we were in the Lihue area. Since this is our second trip to Kauai, we wanted to explore every nook and cranny we had missed the first time around! The views are just so breathtaking.


  • Gorgeous photos! I love your scarf; it has such a relaxed nautical vacation vibe. Perfect for the beach!

    • Gotta love nautical hues!!

  • Beautiful photos

    • thanks!

      • You are very welcome. Please have a look at my post

  • Holly Olivia

    I love the blue seas, Hawaii is amazing I hope you had a good time!
    Lots of Love.x

    P.S. Your photos are really beautiful

    • Thanks Holly! Hawaii is starting to feel like my second home :P

  • Amy

    That ocean! So beautiful <3

    • I know! I wish I could be there forever!

  • Sydney Nguyen

    Such gorgeous pics!! I’m loving your outfit and the view is just amazing :)

    The Style Roll

  • Lara Carla von Linsowe-Wilson

    These pictures are everything! I have about a month left in school for the year, and this gives me some serious wanderlust vibes. Jealous!

    Sea Foam & DIamonds

    • Good luck with the rest of the month! Hopefully you’ll be making some summer plans :)