I took the plunge!

Just when I could not deal with my long heavy hair anymore, I decided to finally call Alibi NYC Salon based on a recommendation from NH Media‘s founder Natasha Huang. She spoke highly of the hair stylist Kelly Madigan. Anyone who sticks with the same stylist from the west coast to the east must mean they are phenomenal, right?

That theory my friends… has been proven true!

A little back story: I last had a trim over a year ago. Somehow in those twelve-ish months, I’ve hot ironed, curled and colored my hair into oblivion. I can blame bad time management or really just lack of time, whichever kept me from heading to the salon. It was only the last two months that my hair drove me crazy. It was always tangled. Not your average twists here and there, but a bird nest every morning. Overwhelmed.

Fast forward to Sunday. I went at Alibi and was treated to a mimosa and cupcake upon arrival. Such a perfect way to start the day! I met with Kelly and told her I wanted to get rid it all and go for the long angled bob look. She’s so good at what she does that she just knew instantly what to do with my hair. Kelly is definitely really fun to have as a stylist. We both got such a kick out of taking pictures, documenting the moment! 

Did I mention the hand massage? Yep, go to Alibi and get pampered whilst you transform into a beauty queen.

Kelly left some longer pieces in my hair to help frame my round face — and so I can play around with my hair to spice it up from time to time.

Bottom line: When she finished, I knew the cut was IT. I would normally take a few minutes to absorb the change, but this time, I full-heartedly embraced it. It was like I was meant to have this hair. I was doing back flips (in my head)! It was as magical as pink ponies and unicorns. 

Thanks to Kelly and Alibi Salon, I now have the best hair cut I’ve ever had. EVER. 

If you are in the market for a new salon or stylist, I highly recommend this place. You can’t go wrong here.

Now, to enjoy my new hair…


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