I love Duane Reade!

So my favorite drugstore is having a contest to find 10 VIP blogger influencers. Duane Reade. When I saw the contest, I knew I HAD to enter. Consider this my entry.

{ Some of my favorite drugstore beauty items }

Why do I love Duane Reade?

You had me at “Hello”. It’s unique to New York. As a native New Yorker, I have major NYC pride and Duane Reade gets the lifestyle. I’ve been a life-long shopper of Duane Reade. I remember when the stores started to get the facelifts, transforming it into the modern and stylish destination we know today, my heart skipped with glee. As dorky as that sounds, I love seeing an iconic NYC name turn into a beautifully designed hotspot that matches the city’s style. Duane sets itself apart from the other drugstores. Anyone who walks into one, will know they are in New York City.

Now, I need to talk about the beauty department in Duane Reade. I LOVE that section of the store. Besides picking up my essentials there, I always head over to the cosmetics section to look for new products. They always carry on-trend items and new collections. Duane Reade takes drugstore beauty to a whole new level. You can actually try a lot of the products before purchasing! There’s even in-store events and services. Experience and perception plays a huge role in makeup and beauty purchases. Duane Reade does it right!

Why should I be chosen as a 2012 VIP Blogger?

I love to blog. I love finding things and sharing. I am consistent. Like Duane Reade brings an uniquely sophisticated shopping experience to drugstores, I love creating an unique experience for my readers. Ever versatile, I live both the fast-paced lifestyle of Social Media and New York City. As a multimedia blogger, I connect with my community through different channels. I can deliver a message via a text post, engage the visual senses through photography, and even add a 3rd dimension to the experience with my videos. Duane Reade is truly a brand I respect and love, so it’d be a no-brainer, when presented with the opportunity to become its brand advocate.

I’m your blogger!!!

This is an amazing opportunity, and if I get chosen, I will definitely bring 110% to the table. It’s a new year. Time to take a chance.

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