Hot Chocolate at City Bakery

city bakery hot chocolate pretzel croissant-4 copy

A frothy cheers to checking things off my never-ending list.

Every single time the hot chocolate festival comes around at the City Bakery, I never make it. That changed this year. I grabbed Jinna and indulged. The flavor of the day was Creamy Stout topped with a huge homemade marshmallow square. It was sinful, rich and dense. I don’t think I could’ve finished it without my pretzel-croissant. The salty, flakey and buttery goodness combined with the hot chocolate will throw you in a mouth warp. To. Die. For…

I loved it so much, I came back with the boyfriend for the Bourbon flavor.

city bakery hot chocolate pretzel croissant-3

The best combo you can get – hot chocolate + pretzel croissant.

city bakery hot chocolate pretzel croissant-5

I get addicted to things easily. I may be back for even more…

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