Hiking up Solheimajokull Glacier

iceland glacier hike-3

Pretty much the most extreme thing I’ve done in my life, so far…

I can’t believe I am writing this post from home in New York. OMG, I’m back already!

On the second day of our South Coast trip with Extreme Iceland, we hiked the fourth largest glacier in Iceland.

This MADE our trip to Iceland.

The weather started sunny and calm, then it went into dark and cloud. Of course, our luck, it started to hail storm at the end of the hike. Those little pellets hurt!

But, without the extreme climate changes, this experience wouldn’t have been as epic.

Ragnar, our guide was pretty much awesome. We joined another group and got our gear on. Of course, I didn’t have proper footwear, so I had to rent a pair of hiking shoes for the crampons to fit.

What’s a crampon??!

Well, as I’ve learned, it’s a traction device you tie onto your shoes with spiky knife-like bottoms.

We also need a helmet (in which I poorly put on, and no one bother to tell me it was crooked the entire time), an ice axe and your adventurous spirit. It turned out I didn’t really need the ice axe (to catch myself falling) and the hike was a lot easier than I anticipated. I was sure I was going to slip, or something.

iceland glacier hike-10

Follow the leader.

iceland glacier hike-7

Blue skies before the hail storm.

iceland glacier hike-6

The hail starting… >_>

iceland glacier hike-8

I CANNOT wait to edit the GoPro videos..

iceland glacier hike-9

Hey, I’m just resting with my ice axe…

iceland glacier hike-4

Taking in the scenery.

iceland glacier hike-5

It’s just so beautiful magical up here…

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