Mornings can be a mixed bag. Sometimes it’s rainy, but then sometimes it gives way to amazing sun beams.

FINALLY. I condensed the enormous amount of footage into a five-minute long video.

Finally, I’m at my last photo post from our Hawaii trip! Browsers beware, it’s a very heavy post, so please don’t explode. In this post I will round up all the key places we visited around the island of Kauai. We saw our fill of beaches, natural wonders and waterfalls. Previously, I talked about where […]

Hawaiian culture has deep roots dug by the ancient Polynesians.  On the untouched island of Kauai, I felt transported back in time and space. It was so easy to drift into the clouds with such lush greens and clear waters in your backyard. Further down the beach at the St. Regis Princeville, we settled in […]

It was this feast and theatrical event that I’ve looked forward attending even before boarding the plane to Hawaii. I was looking forward to seeing the mesmerizing fire dance and experiencing some of the Hawaiian culture first hand. It told the story of a Polynesian father and daughter whom reunited after a sea of separation. […]