5 Habits for Productivity

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. -Aristotle

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You can either run the day or let the day run you. I’m so excited to partner with Intel to bring you a few tips and habits for productivity. I’ve been having so much fun using an Intel 2in1 (Lenovo Yoga 3) for the past few weeks. It converts easily from a laptop into a tablet in just a flip. My boyfriend is already taking it to play games on it. For me, the I love the simplicity of needing one device and the great graphics, especially when I need to edit my photos and videos for the site. I take it out with me out for meetings and coffee shop work sessions. At home, I love switching to the tablet mode and scroll through Instagram or watch videos.


Fall fashion Intel 2 in 1 lenovo-yoga

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These days, I’ve been really thinking about being a more productive person to maximize my time and have better work-life balance. Here’s what has been working, so far.

1. Stop Overanalyzing

One of my biggest flaw (sometimes advantage) is overthinking everything. I love to get nitty gritty into details and that drags out an entire process. You learn to make a list pros and cons before making a decision. In the case for productivity, keep it brief and commit to a decision.

2. Stop Multitasking

It’s actually counter-productive to do more things at the same time. While it feels like you are doing so much and keeping busy (overwhelmed), it actually takes you longer to finish. When you focus and knock of things one at a time, the quality is better and you feel good (reward). Remember busy doesn’t mean productive.

3. Kill the Distraction

I always put my phone on the Do Not Disturb mode when I am working. Don’t let the technology control you, but take control of it. My social notifications are off, and I’m not always glued, which allows for more time to get things done. Out of sight, out of mind.

4. Set Timelines

Very early on, I read the 4-hour Workweek, and it basically changed my perspective before I began my career. One of the biggest takeaways was allotting specific times to do things. I only tackle emails twice a day (beginning of the day and end of the day). The same goes for social media and text messages. Assigning projects and items on your to-do list a time frame will actually get them done. Just having a list doesn’t mean it’ll get done.

5. Happy and Unperfected

There’s many ways to achieve this. When you sleep more you have more inspiration and motivation to tackle a new day. Same goes for healthier habits (drink more water/green juice, go to the gym). Being happy with yourself also means knowing to stop being a perfectionist. Be the best version of yourself, but don’t spend too much time on what you think is a perfect product. Confidence shines much brighter than being picture perfect.

As with everything in both life and work, it’s all a work in progress. With tools like Intel 2in1 and these helpful tips I’ve gathered over the years, reaching my goals on a day to day basis has been much simpler and stress-free.

What do you do to live and work more productively?

Comment below, I would love to know!


DSCF0794 Fall fashion Intel 2 in 1 DSCF0792 Fall fashion Intel 2 in 1 Intel 2 in 1 - Lenovo Yoga 3

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