Gullfoss + Geysir – Golden Circle

The first exploratory excursion we took was The Golden Circle tour with IGTours. With a delightfully funny guide and handful of people, we took off to see the Iceland outside of Reykjavik. Along the way, we stopped to see Icelandic horses (which is getting its own post), experience the history inside Thingvellir National Park, and of course see Geysir and the Gullfoss waterfall up close.


It’s so incredibly massive that it just astounds — so much so that I took WAY too many photos here. Every angle was necessary. I’ve seen photos of this place, but nothing can ever compare to being next to such a beautiful part of nature. The world suddenly gets larger and I just begin to feel pea-sized. Behold, the Gullfoss waterfall.

gullfoss iceland-3 gullfoss iceland-9 gullfoss iceland gullfoss iceland-4 gullfoss iceland-5 gullfoss iceland-8 gullfoss iceland-7


It was cold. The geyser erupts about every five minutes, so there was a lot of standing out in the snow, waiting. When it does erupt, though, it’s pretty amazing. The geyser water is crystal blue, and then a big puff of steam rises in the air, towering over its admirers. Sometimes, it decides to erupt twice in a row, and that’s worth the wait.

geysir iceland geysir iceland-3 geysir iceland-2

Iceland is such an interesting country, chocked full of natural wonder. SO much more awesomeness to post soon, enough!

  • Your photos are beautiful and I love the editing. Iceland is my dream!

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    • Iceland was breathtaking and the beauty was everywhere. You’ve gotta go!

  • Anna

    Loving your photos! May I know how long your trip was for? I am planning to go but torn between winter vs summer trip. Seems like you went in May and got some amazing views. Would you recommend May as a good time then to still get dramatic landscapes? x

    • Hi Anna. Thanks so much!! Winter if you are hunting for the Northern Lights and in the summer you’ll get 24 hours of sunlight! Early April to May you may be able to still get snowy landscapes and some good weather. It’s so unpredictable! We’ve experience snow, hail, sunshine and rain all in a day sometimes. Also I was there for about a week. Hope this helps. LMK if you have any other questions!