Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!

OH EM GEE! I forgot I had pink hair for like two seconds this year….

I actually debated on doing an end-of-the-year post. As it turns out, I have a bad memory and documenting everything really helps! I blame it on being constantly busy and thinking too much (or getting old).

Looking back, this past year was a pretty good one, but something tells me that the next one will be pretty amazing. I’m so thankful for the people that believe in me and for all of you who joined in my adventures this year. The biggest personal achievement I’ve achieved this year is having a positive outlook in life. As an overachiever and overthinker, I always think something may go wrong or worse. I’ve found some center and truly believe that things tend to go the way they should when you send out positive vibes.


Started 2012 by finding out that I was chosen to be part of the Rock & Republic Reporter Team for their relaunch.
Organized a pre-nyfw blogger brunch complete with giftbags from 

sponsors and a guest speaker.
Shopped and styled a look for a feature on
Became a blogger brand ambassador & hosted my first 

Tweet-up for Duane Reade.
Hosted an event at Henri Bendel for Scent of Departure.
Shot in my first photoshoot, with Cotton Fashion.
Participated in a styling challenge with Nordstrom Rack.
Became a brand ambassador for Intel Ultrabook.
Nominated to participate in the Rimmel Stay Glossy style challenges and ad campaign.
As for all my different outfits, I’ve compiled them over the half-year in my Facebook album.


Be more consistent with my videos!
Be open to new opportunities.
Improve my photography.
Edit my closet + build my walk-in.
Shop less fast fashion and more key pieces that lasts.
Less talking about ideas and more executing!
Just push the limit.
Explore more in life, work and travel.

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