Glam Style Squad: Found it at Marshalls!

MARSHALLS shirt, cut-off shorts, bag, sunglasses, sandals

I’m pretty excited to bring you the second edition of my Glam Style Squad posts. As always, I’m so honored to be a part of it.

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Today’s outfit has been specially hand-picked by fellow Glam member and stylist, Lauren Messiah. I am usually so excited, and at the same time curious, to see what other people find for me. Plus, it feels great to have an entire outfit already set up for you (definitely makes mornings easier). So, if you are wondering where these fabulous items came from (if the post title wasn’t a dead giveaway), wonder no more! I’m wearing some amazing designer pieces from Marshalls.

If you love a good discount on brand name clothing and accessories, Marshalls is a great stop to begin your search. I tend to pop in ever so often to check on the new arrivals. It’s a hard place to keep a secret. Amazing items get scooped up rather quickly all the time, but it’s always restocked with more fabulous items. It’s all about the thrill of the hunt, right? I’m a believer of not paying full-price on designer wares if you have the option NOT to. Now you know where to look!

Let’s talk about this outfit. I love the rocker meets relaxed vibe its giving. This season, I’m all about the black & white trend. Also, I’m pretty much obsessed with this bag. The stud detail on the bag is enough to give it an edge, yet it’s wearable as an everyday carrier. Of course, I’m going to say I love the cut-off shorts too. The grey paisley and floral combo is pretty neat over the white base — not to mention, the denim is super comfortable. The pair of sunnies quite matches the pattern/coloring of my shorts, while my sandals and shirt seals the deal. Not exactly black, but in dark gray, both complete the trend for the outfit. I also need to add that I really like how the pleats on my shirt helps accentuate my bust area. The added volume is much appreciated.

Take a closer look at the details…

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