Glam Fall Beauty Board

I’m so excited to announce that I’ve been invited to join the Glam Beauty Board. As part of the panel, I received fifteen treats to beautify myself for the Fall. Oh, and let me tell you! I’m so smitten with so many of the products at first sight. Because makeup is the number one thing I shop for in beauty, let’s start with that…


ORLY NAIL LACQUER, (Smolder) $5 Oxblood is the IT color of the season. Just two coats to sexy fierce nails. I know its not quite Fall yet, but it’s coming soon enough. This is one color I will keep close by. I’m pretty sure it will go with ALL my outfits. It’s that good.

ALMAY WAKE UP EYELINER/HIGHLIGHTER, (Black Jolt/Ice Gold) $8 This is all I need in eye makeup routine on days when I am low on time to get ready. Applies on smoothly. I love that there are shimmer pigments in the eyeliner as well. My secret weapon to bright eyes is highlighting the corners and lining the lash lines up. It’ll instantly perk up your tired eyes.

MARK MAKE IT RICH LIP COLOR CRAYON, (Royale) $11 First, the color is so beautiful. Burgundy, deep red…oxblood. Whatever you want to call it, this color is my obsession this season. This creamy lip crayon glides on so smoothly, and it is a total ease. Lip crayons and sticks are quickly becoming a beauty staple of mine. I also have another one in the color Punch :)

LORAC TANTALIZER HIGHLIGHTER & MATTE BRONZER DUO, $32 This is so great for many reasons. It’s highly pigmented, so you really just need a little bit to add color and shimmer. The bronzer side is matte, which I love because it means I can use it for contouring as well. In the summer, I would opt for shimmer bronzers to add a glow, but in the Fall/Winter, I like to add some color without the shine. I get pretty pale when the weather cools down.

ALMAY WAKE UP LIQUID MAKEUP, (Buff) $12 Foundation with caffeine. Sometimes you just need a little kick to get going. If you are like me and wake up a bit bloated, this foundation is perfect for you. The caffeine will help depuff your face. It also contains SPF 20. Just because summer is over doesn’t you should stop protecting your face from the sun. The coverage is light and works well for those with oily and combination skin.

ALMAY WAKE UP EYESHADOW/PRIMER, (Invigorate) $8 This little eyeshadow compact is great for daily makeup looks. I love that the primer is included and the shadows contain a subtle bit of shimmer to bring a little more light into your eyes. The pretty colors are well suited for a day-to-night transformation. Keeping this bad boy handy.

BENEFIT BELLA BAMBA BLUSH, $28 The packaging on this babe is so fun and useful. It opens up to a mirror and a wooden-handle brush. This is also a very pigmented powder. I love the gold shimmery flecks in the pink. Used lightly for a flush on your cheeks, or add some more to sculpt and define. This versatile product is definitely another keeper.

Hair + Body Care

DOVE NUTRITIVE THERAPY NOURISHING OIL CARE SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER, $5 each This duo is pretty fantastic. The shampoo and conditioner contains almond and mineral oils that help smooth and moisturize your tresses. As someone who does a lot to their strands, my hair is dry and rough most of the time. My hair felt much smoother and manageable after trying these two products. I’m so impressed. The shampoo lathers so richly and I didn’t feel it strip the natural moisture of my hair. The conditioner is fun. When squeezed out, a ribbon of the treatment oils is swirled out with the conditioner. Oh, did I mention? It smells great.

JUARA INVIGORATING COFFEE SCRUBS, $37 This is actually one of my favorite products out of the bunch. I LOVE the smell of coffee and this scrub is so aromatic. The formula is paraben-free and is made with fresh Indonesian coffee beans. If you have time in your morning shower, this scrub is a great thing to wake-up with. Otherwise, it makes a great hand scrub-slash-massage. Rub and lather between your hands to improve circulation and slough off all the dead skin.

DR. LEWINN BY KINERASE WRINKLE REPAIR DAY & NIGHT CREAM, $25 Everyone hates wrinkles. It’s already time for me to start paying attention to mine. Those laugh lines are going to haunt me. Luckily, Dr. LeWinn has a cream for that. It is a super moisturizing cream that undoes the damage while you work, sleep or play. If you have dry skin, you’d like this. I’ve learned that just because you can’t see them, doesn’t mean wrinkles aren’t there.

LA FACE PUR PURIFYING FACIAL WASH, $48 A gentle cleanser that won’t strip your face of the good oils. It does a good job of removing makeup and is actually a toner, too. So if you like to have an efficient skincare routine, this is up your alley. It cleanses, moisturizes and tightens your pores in one wash. There is a lot of product in the package, so it’s worth the investment. It’d last you for awhile.

OJON SUPER SLEEK RESTORATIVE BLOWOUT PERFECTOR, $25 I’ve actually integrated this into my current haircare regiment. My hair is pretty unruly on it own, and it’s only gotten worse since coloring it. This is such a nice smelling product that easily blends into my hair.  I normally don’t like to put too much product in my hair because I fear that it will gunk up, but this is so lightweight and nourishing. I highly recommend this product for frizz-free tresses. I apply it after towel-drying my hair and before blowdrying it.

EUCERIN DAILY PROTECTION MOISTURIZING BODY LOTION WITH SPF 15, $11 I’ve been a big fan of Eucerin products, so I had a good feeling about this body lotion already. Fragrance-free and lightweight, it moisturizes your skin like none other. This is great if you have sensitive skin and need protection from the environment. It contains SPF 15 which also offers protections from any harmful UV rays you may encounter.

MODELLA MAKEUP BAG, $3 What can I say? This super cute makeup bag is great to help organize all the lipsticks and glosses I like to carry in my bag. I’m not sure why I need so many, but they always get lost in my huge bag!

Thanks so much to the Glam Beauty Board for all the goodies and the opportunity to try them all out!

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