Fire Island

Fire Island Picnic 3
Fire Island Picnic
Fire Island Picnic

A few snaps from a little weekend adventure in Kismet.

Though there aren’t so many photos from our trip to Fire Island. I took a moment for ourselves and stored most of the memories in my head.

I can never forget first walking onto the beach and seeing a deer dash right by us. Deer on the sand?? It was definitely a first for my friend and I. Later on the day, a few more of them was prancing through the beach. They were so quick, you could have easily missed them if you weren’t looking around.

As for getting here, we took advantage of this LIRR Beach Getaway deal. The train leaves from Penn Station and then you transfer to a breezy ferry ride over to Fire Island. We decided on the town of Kismet because there was a lighthouse to explore and for its chill vibe.

Honestly, there was nothing better than enjoying a beach picnic with your favorite humans. Being by the sea is blissful and pairing it with great food is the cherry on top.




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