El Conquistador

La Marina Village, El Conquistador Waldorf Astoria Resort

SECLUSION. This is where you stay when you don’t want to be anywhere else. Words cannot even begin to describe my escape into Puerto Rico. That’s why I am working on a video montage. In the meantime, here are the first glimpses into our five-day getaway. Initially, I wanted to compile all the photos in one post, but it wouldn’t serve the trip justice.I can only begin with memories from the resort we stayed in. There isn’t anything El Con didn’t have, including several restaurants, pools, golf courses, a funicular, shops, and a plethora of entertainment venues (water park, arcade, etc). The private island and activities through the concierge were the most defining points for me, as we spent most of our time there.

Perched on a cliff along the eastern coastline in Fajardo, El Con was a peaceful stay with a gorgeous ocean view.

Up Next… Palomino Island. El Con’s private isle.

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