Estée Lauder Pleasures Pop Collection

Today’s fabulous makeup post is sponsored by Collective Bias® and features a new collection for Summer 2013 from Estée Lauder, the Pleasures Pop. A beauty collection that matches my essence!
 There are several reasons why I am so excited about this set. The first being the Eau de Parfum, remixed but still in its signature bottle silhouette. One of my first beauty memories includes the original and iconic fragrance. It was all my mom wore when I was younger — too young to being wearing perfumes at the time. Secondly, Estée Lauder made one of my ultimate favorite pink lipsticks — the Pure Color lipstick in Lavish Pink. I wore down that tube everyday until I hit the bottom! I was eager to try the collection out for myself, especially since the accompanying lip glosses and nail polish are pink. The Estée Lauder Pleasures Pop Collection includes the fragrance, two lip shades and a bottle of nail varnish — all sold separately. I bought my products at Macy’s and it’s already running low in stock. So, if you are interested in the collection, check your local store or shop online.
Today’s makeup look features the Pleasures Pop Eau de Parfum SprayPure Color Gloss in Raspberry Pop (also available in Fuchsia Vibes), and Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Berry Hot.
LIP GLOSS. The Pure Color Gloss in Raspberry Pop is a medium fuchsia-berry color with sparkles. The shimmer in the quite pigmented gloss really plumped my lips up. It has a pleasant fruity smell to it and complements my skin tone quite nicely. I paired the lip gloss with my everyday brown light smokey eye and bronzer-blush combo. This color just brightens my complexion! I also love how the green ends on my hair just fades into the background wearing such a bright hue. (I stained my hair from completing The Color Run over the weekend.)
FRAGRANCE. Light, floral and fruity. The non-overwhelming scent is perfect for any occasion aka an everyday spritz. I love that the bottle is a fun fluoro pink, making it stand out in my collection with its vibrant color. A playful perfume during the summer is a great accessory to have to instantly lift your moods!
POLISH. The Berry Hot nail lacquer is a girly magenta shade with an iridescent shimmer like the lip gloss. The individual sparkles are not as visible as the gloss, but still makes a pretty overall sheen in the finish on the nails. It’s a very feminine color completing the collection quite well. I just really adore how it looks against my skin tone.
PINK TOTE. The perks of shopping at Macy’s! I received a free tote with my purchase. This works perfectly as my new beach or pool bag since the material is very easy to clean and looks water resistent. It’s also coincidentally pink and matches the Pleasures Pop collection quite nicely.

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