It was pouring rain when these photos were taken. Lucky for me, I found a dry pocket shielded from the rain by the building’s tall design. You can see the difference in the photos below, showing glimpses of the drenched street. I went shopping that day.

When I shop, I like to be hassle-free. On this particular day, I already needed to carry an umbrella on top of my bags. To save some time and heartache, I brought along my new Motorola ELITE SLIVER bluetooth headset, just in case I had to take a call on the go. I generally hate talking on the phone because I love multitasking. I avoided headsets because they tend to be bulky and not very chic-looking. Then, I was introduced to the ELITE SLIVER.

Top – H&M
Skirt – Zara
Shoes – Rock & Republic c/o Kohl’s
Bag – c/o Remi & Emmy
Jacket – a Boutique
Rings – Monet, Jewelmint
NecklaceForever 21
Earrings – Coach
Headset – c/o Motorola

If you look at my right sidebar, there is a sparkly new badge on it. I’m officially a Motorola Fashion Insider! This is how I became so acquainted with this darling headset. Before taking it out, I’ve used it for conference calls indoors. My experience so far has been amazing. First, it’s so sleek looking, and sits in a charging case that looks like a makeup compact. This case also charges the headset on-the-go. Second, it’s barely there. This is when I start geeking out… OMG, it fits right into my ear and disappears behind my hair. I feel like I’m a international spy on a COM Unit. (Yes, I watched too much 24 and Nikita)

As for functionality, when I was on my calls, the sound was clear and the background noise almost non-existant. It has a roam range of up to 300 feet, but when I’m on the phone, I’m usually doing something on the phone at the same time. Having the headset allows me to answer texts, emails and look things up as I talk.

In the photo above, I pulled back my hair to show you how discreet it looks. In the other photos, you can’t even tell I have it on! Sexy, eh? Truly geek-chic.

Coincidentally, my outfit here is pretty silver (silver-sliver, get it? lol) looking. All my jewelry is silver-toned. I have a metal colored graphic print skirt and icy grey wedges. To offset all the cool colors, I have a beige shirt and my snakeskin crossbody bag. There’s also snake print on the wedge part of my shoes. Print on print is always fun.

So, if you are looking for a fashion-friendly headset, I highly recommend the Motorola ELITE SLIVER. It’s proven itself both functional and sleek.

Disclosure: I am participating in the Motorola Fashion Insiders program sponsored by Motorola Mobility. I received the Motorola ELITE SLIVER headset as part of the program.

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