Elevate Your Style with a Designer Accessory

A well crafted designer accessory can instantly elevate any look.

I love to indulge in select trends to mix into my overall minimal closet. To complete my outfits, whether it’s trendy or basics, I always add a designer bag. I really love the high-low way of curating and shopping for my closet. I can invest in a luxury designer bag that can be worn multiple ways and times.

When you find a designer piece that’s a classic or a conversation starter, I believe it really elevate your complete style. Luxury designers always have that attention to detail in their craftsmanship that when paired with you essentials or trend items, makes it look polished.

You will always look like you’ve put in the effort! Sweatset with a designer bag? Check!

The type of bag depends on your personal style. Designer doesn’t mean breaking the bank either. That’s why I love hunting for great finds that’s pre-loved from consigners like LXR. This is also a great way to find vintage or sold-out pieces I’ve been eyeing for the longest. Not only that, but it keeps high fashion sustainable. LXR carries many designers I love — Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Balenciaga, Dior and many more.

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My recent outfit out in the Hamptons! A linen dress completed by this Louis Vuitton top handle from LXR.[/av_two_fifth]

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This post has been sponsored by LXR but all opinions are my own.

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