El Peñón de Guatapé


La Piedra Del Peñol

Better known as “The Rock of Guatape” a 10 million ton monolith found within the town of Guatape, in the outskirts of Medellin.

Getting there was an epic adventure in itself, while the views….

Well, as you can see for yourself.

From Medellin, we took the metro to the bus station. Then we proceeded to hop on a two-hour bus ride to the town of Guatape. From there, we took a tricycle-taxi over to “the rock.” Oh, my friends. The real adventure is about to begin. Upon arrival to the rock, we proceeded the grueling climb up to the top. As luck would have it, it began to also rain! There are over seven hundred and thirty steep stairs to climb. After much struggle (for me at least), we made it to the very tippy top, and what we saw, completely floored us.

Is this real? I must have stepped into a magical land.

This is La Piedra. Welcome. There’s beer and treats, if you make it up here.

Photo Nov 10, 4 26 45 PM (1)

Going down was easier but trickier. The back stairs goes through the rock, so there may have been points of darkness where I missed a step or two. Hehe.


This town was too adorable. We caught the bus back to Medellin from here. But, if you have more time to spare. The walk around is delightful.


This concludes my adventure in Colombia. Until next time…

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