East Village Eats Tasting Tour

FAB CAFE. Sipping on MUD coffee.

If you ask me to recommend a place to eat, whether you live in New York or visiting, I will most likely direct you to a spot in the East Village. It just has the most diverse cuisines that taste amazing for an even better price. So when Fourth Arts Block invited me to their East Village Eats Tasting Tour, I knew I was going to have a great time. FABnyc is a non-profit organization founded to preserve the East 4th Street Cultural District — its history and arts. Presently, it’s grown to drive community development and preservation of the Lower East Side’s culture and creativity. The proceeds of this tasting tour goes to FABnyc and a public art scavenger hunt was included as part of the tour. If you are interested, head to their website for more info and events coming up.

The tasting tour included twelve restaurants and three bars with Happy Hour specials. A quick glance down the list showed many of my favorite eateries and some I’ve been wanting to try. So, I grabbed my friends and boyfriend, and started the journey.

OAXACA. Mini pork taco.
VELSELKA. Short rib pierogi.
SALON HECHO. Tortita de Carnitas.
SPOT DESSERT BAR. Chocolate chip coconut cookie.
HOT KITCHEN. Spicy Sichuan cold noodles with sesame peanut sauce.
JUM MUM. Street style noodles.
LUKE’S LOBSTER. Shrimp roll.
East Village, I’ll be back soon!

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