Double Waterfall Twist Hair Tutorial

I’ve recently put together a new hair tutorial that has been featured on WhatIWear.com‘s newsletter, Enrich Your Spring Trend Knowledge!. If you are a member of the site or are subscribed, you may have seen it already. I would like to thank Jessica for letting me use her as a hair model and Kelly for helping me with the photos.

Here’s the instructions from the article:

If there was one thing I took away from watching the runways this past Fashion Week for 2013, it was a lot of braids. I’m pretty excited that it will be still trending in the next year. Since I’ve noticed so many different type of hair styles with the braiding work, I took some inspiration from the catwalk and decided to create a look that is a lot easier than braiding, yet still has the same effect. I’m talking about twists. Not everyone knows how to French or Dutch braid, so my tutorial will so you how to achieve the waterfall braid look using twists.

  1. First, take two 1-inch sections of your hair and twist it once. The top section should be the bottom one now. Simply just drop that bottom section and pick up another 1-inch section and twist again, leaving the bottom section to free-fall.
  2. Continue twisting with new sections of hair until you’ve reached the middle. Use a bobby pin to secure the twist. Repeat the same steps for the other side of your head until you meet with the end of the first twist. Again, use a bobby pin to secure the twists.
  3. For the second row of twists, just repeat the first two steps until both twists meet in the middle. You should have four twists meeting at the center secured with bobby pins. Carefully removed the pins and tie all four strands of hair together with an elastic.
  4. To cover the elastic, take a small section of your hair, about 1/4-inch, and wrap it around the elastic. Use a bobby pin to hold it in place on the backside of the elastic.

P.S. I decided to make my twists loose and spaced apart for a more romantic look. You can use tighter twists or a single row if you want to wear for everyday.

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