This tiny island in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean was such a treasure. Only a short boat ride away from the shores of Punta Rucia, Isla Paraiso or Cayo Arena, as the locals called it, was a dream excursion and the most beautiful way to end our trip! (Yes, it looks like I’m […]

My best friend and I had the most wonderful stay at BlueBay Villas Doradas in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. This will be my first adults-only all-inclusive resort! Yes, that means buffets, bars, restaurants and non-motorized activities are included in the price. I very happy to come back and say that the food was pretty good, […]

Off the beaten path, Punta Rucia is a hidden gem on the North Coast (aka the Amber / Silver Coast) of the Dominican Republic. In my last post, I’ve hinted at what I’ve been up to on this island. What started out as a beach and relaxation vacation in celebration of my best friend’s birthday turned […]