Happy New Year! It may have taken me a wee bit while to get this video sorted, but alas, it is up! DOMINICAN REPUBLIC CHAPTERS I. Live Happy! II. Postcards from Punta Rucia III. BlueBay Villas Doradas IV. To Cayo Area V. Snorkeling Paradise Island VI. Coffee, Rum, Cigars … The Dominican Way VII. Damajaqua […]

There’s no clean way to post this…. But, on the first full day in Dominican Republic we decided to go for a nice dune buggy ride through Puerto Plata. The local streets/highways. The jungle. The sugarcane fields. It was such a beautiful day… ..and to think I almost forgot to wear sunglasses! We drove to the […]

Hi, my name is Tineey, and I’ve never been so adventurous in my life. There are a total of 27 waterfalls to climb, swim, and trek up to, but it’s always rainfall contingent. We did 7 out of the 27. I would say, it’s for advanced adventurists. Sorry kiddies! We were completely wiped out at […]

Wait… Rum and coke?! Already!!? But… It’s only 9..no 9:30..10 AM !! What.. is that a handle of rum? (bleary-eyed) And that my friends, is how our culture tour of the Dominican Republic started. This lovely truck here? Picked us up around 8 or 9? It was way too early for us… We got to […]

What makes a great snorkel experience? ❤ Clarity of the water ❤ Abundance of fish and sea life ❤ Easy waves ❤ Proximity & vibrancy of the coral reefs ❤ Awesome buddies Bonus: Seeing exotic creatures (sea turtle, nurse shark, etc) The snorkeling trip around the perfectly circular reef of Paradise Island / Cayo Arena in the Dominican Republic has […]