Dinner at the Shangri-La Paris


La Bauhinia. After a long day of sightseeing in Paris, we ended up luxuriating here. I’m currently working on a more detailed Paris post, so as a taste (no pun intended), I’d like to share the scrumptious dinner by two-Michelin Star chef, Philippe Labbé.

I opted for the “The 65” three courser (costs 65 € per person).

As for the cocktail, I ordered the Kowloon Delight, paying homage to my family’s hometown.

To start, I had the Thai Yam Som’ O, a grapefruit salad topped with shrimp and spicy vinaigrette, while she had a Pad Thai.

Paris Shangri-La Dinner

As for my main course, I went for the Indonesian Otak Otak, which was steamed codfish in a bed of coconut curry and sweet nasi lemak rice.

I savored every bite to the very last. It was a truly delicious experience. Not to mention, the service was such a treat!

Paris Shangri-La Dinner-2

The Shangri-La, does indeed lives up to it decadent name. The decor is an amazing fusion of old-world Asian luxury with French sensibility.

I was given a nice tour around the hotel and just fell in love with the terrace view from one of the rooms.

The best view of the Eiffel Tower in Paris!

Paris Eiffel Tower at Shangri-La

*photo of me by Jinna 

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