La Piedra Del Peñol  Colombia Better known as “The Rock of Guatape” a 10 million ton monolith found within the town of Guatape, in the outskirts of Medellin. Getting there was an epic adventure in itself, while the views…. Well, as you can see for yourself. From Medellin, we took the metro to the bus […]

We decided to hop on the Medellin metro system to ride the gondola lift system (Line K) and see the Spain Library (Espana Biblioteca) in Santo Domingo. The design is so impressive, but unfortunately, the time we were there, it was covered up for repair. The best part was the ride up and back down […]

Let’s talk food! I love to eat my way around a new locale. When we didn’t cook up our own meals at the apartment, we tried the nearby eateries. So, let’s start off with some Colombian fare… Mondongos We got way more than we bargained for here. The portions are huge and the food, delicious. […]

With a breathtaking view… naturally! Sometimes we need to transport ourselves to another life. What is it like to live in an apartment elsewhere in the world? The solution was quite easy. Rent one on our next trip together — instead of staying at a hotel. The opportunity presented itself, when I worked with Oasis Collection […]

street art medellin perrier

Finding street art and murals is like finding the heart and soul of a city.