Coffee, Rum, Cigars etc… the Dominican Way



Rum and coke?! Already!!?

But… It’s only 9..no 9:30..10 AM !!

What.. is that a handle of rum? (bleary-eyed)

And that my friends, is how our culture tour of the Dominican Republic started.


This lovely truck here? Picked us up around 8 or 9? It was way too early for us…


We got to see how they hand-carve limestone sculptures and this chess set here…


My favorite part? Watching this woman crush coffee beans.

It also tasted amazing so I ended up buying a lot of coffee and fresh cacao from her afterwards.


En route to some LUNCH! Give me all the Dominican fare, please!


I love the giant hut and wooden chairs. Feels so authentic (even though it might be a stop for us tourists).


This is what usually happens when you send me to a buffet-style meal. Of course, more rum and coke.


The pools outside the restaurant.


Cigars! Don’t judge but my main reason here besides the food. We ended up splitting a box of their top cigars.. the Hemingway. So smooth.

Cost? $20 a pop x 10 / 2 … :)


We also went to the farms and saw different fruits grown on the island. Overall, it was a nice and quick drive-by of Dominican culture. We only saw what the guides showed us. Mostly, it felt like a tease, because now I want to go back and explore a little more in depth.

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