CitizenM Times Square

CitizenM New York-17

So, I was invited to an epic influencer slumber party for the launch of new luxury boutique hotel, CitizenM

(with plenty of locations in Europe)

There were plenty of drinks, food, entertainment and good times all around.

Let’s say hello to the coolest hotel I’ve stayed in…

& the funnest staycation, ever.


CitizenM New York

Everywhere you turn, there’s something wise on the walls.

CitizenM New York-4

Clean and modern design with all the basic essentials.

CitizenM New York-2

How cute is this chair, though?

CitizenM New York-8

It’s also so high-tech. This Samsung tablet controlled the room’s electronics. That’s the ambient lights, the color of lights, the television, curtains, blinds, temperature etc. Oh, and it also knows my name, hehe!

CitizenM New York-10

This shower was EXCELLENT. I just love a good waterfall shower. There’s also an AM and PM version of an all-in-one shampoo/wash.

CitizenM New York-14

Necessary. Both soap and the drink ;)

CitizenM New York-15

This marshmallow of a bed is being missed so much. I’m sure this is how sleeping on clouds feels like. Fluffy x Infinity.

CitizenM New York-16

 Damn right.


Where the party was at!

There’s a bar, canteen, plenty of lounging and work tables. Oh, and free wifi. Yep!

CitizenM New York-5

CitizenM New York-6

CitizenM New York-7

CitizenM New York-18


Times are tough when you are trying to shoot long exposure without a tripod.

CitizenM New York-21

CitizenM New York-22

CitizenM New York-23

But, I love how the rain created such pretty bokeh <3



Great company during the night. Apneet, Eli, the boyfriend and Scott who took this photo.

No post is ever complete without an accompanying video…

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