Caving in Postojna

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A spelunker for a day inside one of the world’s largest cave.

Before we left for Europe, I had watched the James Cameron movie, Sanctum, on Netflix and it boosted my curiosity about the underworld of caving. Although my experience wasn’t at all that extreme, it was still a thrill nonetheless. We took a day trip into Slovenia from Trieste and explored Postojna Cave.

Entering and exiting was a fun train ride where I was constantly ducking because the cave ceilings came so low. It reminded me of riding one of those old mining carts you see in movies. Inside, we walked around learning about stalactites and stalagmites. If you remember that from science class, then seeing it in real life would be pretty surreal. The entire time I felt like a little kid walking through one of the oldest parts of our world. There weren’t any bats since the cave was too cold, but there were some other interesting creatures that lived in the dark.

I wish I saw more of the country. It was so green and calming. On our drive from Italy to Slovenia the landscape completely changed. View from the cave entrance below.

Tip: Dress for the cold. It gets about 10°C / 50°F inside. I packed my leather jacket just for this part of the trip.

postojna cave

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