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The Beaches of Kauai

Wander by the sea, should you ever need to find me…
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There's nothing more glorious than watching the sunset on a remote beach.
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This may be my favorite bikini purchase in a long time!

Where to Eat in Kauai, Pt II

Welcome to the second edition!
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Infinite Blues

Even as the large waves crashes against the lava rocks, what is it about the ocean that calms me so?
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The shimmering golden glow of the sun created the most perfect ambiance to for a soothing stroll.
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Wainiha Bay

Mornings can be a mixed bag. Sometimes it's rainy, but then sometimes it gives way to amazing sun beams.

Washington, D.C.

Nothing like a stroll through the nation's capital during springtime...

Escape to Virginia Wine Country

A road trip out for about an hour outside of Washington DC to the upscale town of Middleburg, Virginia and its countryside.
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Cherry Blossom Festival

Inside the dreamiest sakura groves on this side of the world...