Grande Bretagne

Palatial. A Luxury Collection hotel in Athens. Plus, I did it for the epic views...

Video: Cancun Travel Diary

A glimpse into some activities I managed to squeeze in between meetings and work...

A Moment in Athens

Showing a little rooftop love...

Savoring Athens

A fresh taste of Mediterranean flavor...

The Greek Isle of Aegina

Sparkling waters, deep history, and rich culture. A photo cross-section.

To Set Sail…

“She must find a boat and sail in it. No guarantee of shore. Only a conviction that what she wanted could exist, if she dared to find it.”
Sunrise sailing, Alimos Marina

Sunrise at Alimos Marina

The warmth, the breeze and the open seas...
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Lake Vouliagmeni

From a collapsed cavern and into a beautiful healing sanctuary...

The Story Begins with Greece

Serious blue water dreaming...

Video: Dominican Republic Travel Diary

Happy New Year! It may have taken me a wee bit while to get this video sorted, but alas, it is up! DOMINICAN REPUBLIC CHAPTERS I. Live Happy! II. Postcards from Punta Rucia III. BlueBay Villas Doradas IV. To Cayo Area V. Snorkeling…