Westin Princeville Villas

A peek inside our home away from home on Kauai, Hawaii...
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The Beaches of Kauai

Wander by the sea, should you ever need to find me…

Where to Eat in Kauai, Pt II

Welcome to the second edition!

Washington, D.C.

Nothing like a stroll through the nation's capital during springtime...

Escape to Virginia Wine Country

A road trip out for about an hour outside of Washington DC to the upscale town of Middleburg, Virginia and its countryside.
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Cherry Blossom Festival

Inside the dreamiest sakura groves on this side of the world...

Video: Adventures in Medellin Colombia

We took to the air and landed in Medellin via Panama City for a city home away from home and an intrepid journey into the mountains.

Finger Lakes Wine Country

An exploration into the world of wine tasting by a first-timer during the off-season. I personally think winter makes for the best backdrop for my search of the famed rieslings and ice wine in New York's very own wine country.

Golden Hour

I'm always chasing a sunset, but there's nothing dreamier than that moment of time right before. Everything around you is washed in a soft beautiful hue. There's a reason why it's also known as magic hour.

Corning Museum of Glass #NewSpaceNewLight

Inside the beautiful new contemporary wing of the internationally renowned, CMOG.