Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon

Ancient crystal blue glaciers covered in white snow, floating against the Icelandic mountain range. We spent some time in this lake full of blue ice cubes during our two-day excursion. It's just one of those places you have to see for yourself.…

Double Rainbow at Skogafoss

So, how amazing was it for me to see a double-freaking-rainbow across the waterfall?! The scene was BRILLIANT. My morning that day started off quite groggily and a stop here with our tour, peeled my eyes wide open. Sometimes you really…

Icelandic Horses

I have so much love for these beauties that they get their own post. Meet the Icelandic horse. They have amazing fur and hair, not to mention lashes. =P So, the story goes... The Vikings brought over only their strongest horses, and over…

Gullfoss + Geysir – Golden Circle

The first exploratory excursion we took was The Golden Circle tour with IGTours. With a delightfully funny guide and handful of people, we took off to see the Iceland outside of Reykjavik. Along the way, we stopped to see Icelandic horses (which…
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Snowy Check-In

Right after relishing in the waters of the Blue Lagoon, we headed over to the capital city, Reykjavik, and got ourselves settled at the Loft Hostel Iceland. I've never stayed in a hostel before, and Iceland was full of them as well as quaint…
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Blue Lagoon

What a wonderful feeling it was to sink into the healing bath after a staying up all night cramped in a plane seat.

Touchdown Iceland

I can't believe I am actually in Iceland right now... After months of planning, Jinna and I have landed here. We boarded our overnight IcelandAir flight, too excited to sleep. I know I barely even blinked between getting seated and landing.…

Video: Kauai Hawaii Travel Diary

FINALLY. I condensed the enormous amount of footage into a five-minute long video.

Exploring Kauai, The Garden Isle

Finally, I'm at my last photo post from our Hawaii trip! Browsers beware, it's a very heavy post, so please don't explode. In this post I will round up all the key places we visited around the island of Kauai. We saw our fill of beaches, natural…
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Luau Kalamaku

It was this feast and theatrical event that I've looked forward attending even before boarding the plane to Hawaii. I was looking forward to seeing the mesmerizing fire dance and experiencing some of the Hawaiian culture first hand. It told…