Met Museum

I had an amazing opportunity to experience an empty Metropolitan Museum, before doors opened.
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Botanical Garden

It was a perfect day to head out to the New York Botanical Garden with the family!
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Winter in New York

March came in like a giant white polar bear...
empire state building valentines day

City of Love

A snapshot of The Empire beating red for Valentine's...

Arctic Freeze


Gantry Plaza State Park

 New York City I don't know anyone who is ever tired of seeing this skyline.
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Explore NYC with boohoo

Well, it is currently beyond cold here in New York City. I came back from Colombia, just for another polar vortex to land in The States. Despite that tiny factor, I am so glad to be able to sit still, even if its for…
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Wave Hill

Twenty-eight acres of lush flora in New York City, hidden in the Bronx.

Manhattanhenge 2014

Pretty excited about Manhattanhenge this year. Tonight, I caught the last full sun setting in the grid for 2014 at the Grand Central overpass. There was a lot of angry taxi drivers because everyone pooled out into the street. (see instagram…
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Red Hook

Another day, another neighborhood explored. I didn't get a chance to poke my nose around into as many places as I'd like (before my fingers and toes got frostbitten), but I'm already charmed. It felt like a small town in its very own bubble. This…