The Story Begins with Greece

Serious blue water dreaming...

Icelandair Info + Updates

Here's a bit of news to talk about! I've just received a copy of Icelandair's in-flight magazine and they've featured my photo on page 39!! I'm currently listening to the CD they sent, and chillaxin'. Seriously, Iceland was number one on…
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Paris & Italy Video Diary

Last but not least from my trip to Europe -- a little montage of rainy Paris and sunny Italian cities.

A Day in Copenhagen

Leaving the sunshine in Rome, I went North and made a seventeen hour(ish) stopover in Copenhagen. It was an interesting change of pace as I went on my first solo mission (travel) from an opulent city to one known for modern design. Seriously,…

Where to Roam in Rome

View of the Colosseum from a room in the Palazzo Manfredi Hotel Crossing off another item from my bucket list, I was able to see some of Rome's most iconic landmarks. I also picked up a few tips in navigating the immense foot and vehicle…
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Rome Cavalieri

Wow. Staying at the Rome Cavalieri, Waldorf Astoria Hotel & Resort was pretty mind-blowing. Although, I've stayed at a Waldorf Astoria property before in Puerto Rico, El Conquistador, this was an entirely different experience. I guess…
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Sailing Into Porto Venere

Always dreaming about the nautical life...

Cinque Terre by Sea

There are a few ways to explore Cinque Terre. You can either hike, drive, take the rail between towns, or hop on a boat like I did. Of course, each experience is totally different and person-dependent. As for me, the life out in the open…

Easy Breezy Levanto

Right before sailing the Cinque Terre and after Florence, we took the train again to relax in a cozy coastal town by the Italian Riviera called Levanto. Next to the famous five towns or Cinque Terre, it was the perfect place to simply do nothing.…

Ciao Bella, Florence

FIRENZE. The beauty of fashion and history within a single city's walls. Just a train ride away from Pisa, Florence was warm welcome after a full day of traveling. Yes, we flew into Pisa from Paris before taking the rail in. All we wanted…