Brooklyn Bridge Park

brooklyn bridge park bokeh

Two sets of photos from the park – at night and in the snowstorm.


Shot on my new Canon 5d mk III. It was one of the first times I tried shooting with it, coming from the Nikon family. I went with Jinna, who helped me out since she shoots with one as well. There’s nothing prettier than the city lights.

brooklyn bridge long exposure

Long exposure attempt.

brooklyn bridge park bokeh

Bokeh. Bokeh. Bokeh.

brooklyn bridge at night bokeh

Thanks Jinna for the snaps =]


Shot on my old Nikon d5100. Came here to shoot this with the boyfriend. The snow always brings out the grittiest of New York. Sometimes when it’s light, it can be so pretty — just not this day.

manhattan bridge snowing

Manhattan bridge under the storm.

manhattan bridge snowing

Take two.

manhattan bridge snowing

Oh hey, it’s just me freezing.


  • Wow, these pictures turned out beautiful! I moving to NY in June & can’t wait to take in all of the city’s amazing scenes <3

    • That’s so exciting! There’s still so many nooks in this city I haven’t explore :):)