Vienna Diary

Walking through Vienna is like walking through a museum…

Summer Hair Rescue

Today, I want to talk about reviving dry hair from all the heat damage I’ve been getting from too much time out in the sun and heat-styling with my flatiron. I’ve been pretty focused on keeping my hair healthy during this break from all color-treatments. 

Dressed Up Summer

Summertime in New York always includes good food, drinks and views… Here are the outfits that went with it.

My Pantene 14 Day Challenge

Pantene 14 Day Challenge

Though it’s already February, I am still keeping to my New Year self-care resolution. Growing older, I’ve realized the importance of taking care of oneself in order to be the best me possible — which leads me to today’s post — taking on the Pantene 14 Day Challenge.

Stylish Cold Weather Essentials

This season’s favorite outfit building blocks and styles I rewear way too often.