Black Sand Beach at Vik

Black Sand Beach Vik Iceland-4

When I was in Hawaii, I wanted to visit its black sand beaches — created by volcanic eruptions. As with many things on my list, it went untick-ed.

Enter Reynisfjara Beach of Vik. Although, not a tropical beach, it’s just as gorgeous!

After our glacier hike, we drove down here for some black sand, basalt columns, rock formations and the blue ocean.

Thank goodness for better weather and sunshine. The first time we visited the village in Vik (for lunch) and its beach, hail was plummeting down on us. I have GoPro videos of it!

The sun really brought out the beach’s good side…

Black Sand Beach Vik Iceland-2

Nature can be too pretty for me sometimes…

Black Sand Beach Vik Iceland-3

Thanks to Extreme Iceland tour for taking us out to see such wonderful sights.

Black Sand Beach Vik Iceland

View from across the sea.

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