Black Diamond at JJ Eyelashes – Soho

Glamour. We all want it once in a while. I recently was invited to get the newest JJ Eyelashes set, the Black Diamond, in their newest location in Soho (41 Wooster Street)! The Black Diamond set offers a more voluminous look at 120-pieces — a step up from the 100-piece Diamond set and the 80-piece Ruby set. The above photo is the end result. My lashes are longer, fuller and it curls! You can see a definite difference from my previous sparse and short lashes, here.

I’m no stranger to JJ nor eyelash extensions in general. It’s such a double-edge dagger. Once I get them, I am so addicted with the new look that I must always replenish — it usually lasts one month for me. When I don’t have them, I need to pump my natural lashes with mascara and even falsies…daily. Ah! The trials of beauty and vanity.

The new JJ location is much larger with adorable decor. It offers the same permanent makeup and eyelash extension services. A major perk of going to the Soho location is the fact that you can get a manicure while you get your eyelashes done! Pampering to the max.

Here’s a photo tour from pictures I took during my visit there…

P.S. The CND holiday sets giveaway ends today. Have you entered?

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