Best Sunflower Fields in Southern California: Hana Field in Costa Mesa

Sunflower season is fast approaching! Find the best sunflower fields in Southern California here in Orange County, at Hana Field. Hana Field by Tanaka Farms is located in the city of Costa Mesa. If strolling through rows and rows of tall yellow-hued blooms sounds like the perfect summer activity, keep reading for all the details on the accessing the sunflower fields, activities and attractions.

Best Sunflower Fields in Southern California
Sunflower Fields at Hana Field by Tanaka Farms

Sunflower Fields in Southern California

Sunflower season in California is normally during the peak months of June-July, depending on the rainfall and temperatures. While Northern California sunflower farms are the most popular for photographing and visiting, there are great sunflower fields in Southern California that’s a little closer to home, especially if you don’t feel like making the long drive up.

Sunflower Fields in Southern California have an extra bonus season of late blooms. This means you are able to see sunflower during the typical peak Summer months and again during the Fall season. Late blooming sunflowers are around until November at certain Southern California farms!

Why Hana Field is the Best Sunflower Field?

Hana means flower in Japanese. In my opinion, it is the best sunflower field in Southern California due to its size, proximity and availability. Hana Field by Tanaka farms is located by the intersection of 55 and 405 freeways and its prime location in Orange County means you don’t need to drive long distances towards Inland Empire to see sunflowers!

The Hana Field sunflower fields are open twice a year for visiting and picking. The first opening is during the summer and typical peak months (May-June) and later in the year, they are open again in the Fall (September-October) for the late bloom season. Most farms in Southern California start their sunflower picking in the Fall during pumpkin season.

There are acres dedicated to sunflowers at Hana Field, so the sunflower fields didn’t feel like it was an afterthought. I have felt this way mainly income of the the fall focused farms, where the main activity is pumpkin picking or even apple picking. It’s great if you wanted to do both in one trip, but for those who want a dedicated sunflower visit, my bet is on Hana Field during the summer opening. I have been to both summer and fall visiting seasons, and for prime sunflowers viewing, I loved my time in June. Sunflowers are just a summer vibe in my opinion!

I want to also note that the sunflowers are a lot shorter in height during the Fall harvest at Hana Field. See My Fall Visit Here!

Hana Field by Tanaka Farms

Hana Field Sunflowers Essential Info

Here’s some quick visiting information, updat\ed for the 2024 season.




427 Anton Boulevard
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

When to Visit

May 11 – July 7 (2024), Sept – Oct
Saturdays & Sundays
10:00AM – 5:00PM


General Admission: $10, Free for children under 2
U-Pick Flowers: $15 for 15 stems & 64oz Keepsake Flower Cup
Book tickets HERE.

Parking Info

Free parking on site.

FYI: Bring your own shears or purchase a pair at the farm.

Hana Field by Tanaka Farms Location

Hana Field is the second location of Tanaka Farms, a much-loved and popular Orange County working farm for their produce, activities and attractions throughout the year. The Hana Field sunflowers are located in the city of Costa Mesa, west of Irvine, where their original farm location is. I bet there is often confusion between the two locations, and that’s why I see notes of location confirmation on the website and ticket pages. I felt it was needed to mention here as well.

U-Pick Sunflowers at Hana Field

The opening season for the Hana Field sunflower fields is schedule to be before Mother’s Day this year (2024) until the end of June. Last year, we went late June and the photos you see in this post is from that visit. It was a last minute weekend plan, and we were able to reserve tickets for the second to last weekend it was till opened for. Luckily for us, the sunflowers and zinnias were still abundant towards the end of the visiting season!

To see my Fall visit, check out this post here.

You are able to purchase general admission tickets if you just wanted to take a lovely summer stroll through the sunflower fields, but you want to pick some blooms, an additional U-Pick ticket can be purchased. This purchase price includes a keepsake flower cup to hold your blooms and up to 15 stems. Don’t worry there is a watering station to fill those cups up to keep your sunflower hydrated.

Sunflowers & Zinnias at Hana Field
Sunflowers & Zinnias at Hana Field

My Experience & Tips for the Sunflower Fields

We got tickets for an afternoon time slot and the check-in was speedy. The sunflower fields were easily discoverable after entering the farm. I didn’t find it overly crowded and parking was readily available. We bypassed all the other farm activities and made a bee-line for the sunflowers and zinnias. You will find other visitors taking photos around the sunflower fields, tripods and all. Here are a few tips I found helpful to know for the visit:

Bring Shears

This was not something that first occurred to me when planning for the visit, but I luckily read about it online and packed my floral shears for the day. You will need something sturdy enough to cut through the thick stems of sunflowers. If you don’t have a pair or forgot to bring them, they are available for sale upon check-in.

Wear Appropriate Footwear

Closed toe shoes will be your best friend. I wouldn’t recommend sandals or heels. Hana Field is a working farm and there will be uneven dirt roads and dried up vegetation that could poke your feet on the pathways.

Bring Weather Essentials

It gets super hot and sunny on the fields. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen and to bring water with you. Bottled water is available for purchase at the Market Stand. Wearing a sunhat help and will look cute in photos. I had opted for some sunnies instead.

I always do a quick search on Instagram of any place I want to visit to get a feel of the location and possible photo ops. You can look HERE for Hana Field and find lot of pretty sunflower videos and photos!

Click to see my post from visiting Hana Field in the Fall for pumpkins and sunflowers.

A quick video from my summer visit, below!

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