Below Zero in the East Village

style in east village

Oh hey, Polar Vortex. Not nice seeing you again…

It’s no secret that I venture into E.Vil for food. Some of my favorite places make a home here (Luke’s Lobster, Xian Foods et al). I much prefer to food crawl when the temperatures are a little higher. Sense the sarcasm? Okay, so Spring is suppose to be in about two weeks, but here we are in -5º C. How’s a girl suppose to dress anymore?

I may succumb to wrapping myself up in a comforter and tricking my brain to think it’s trendy to cocoon.

Wearing: ZARA scarf & coat, FOSSIL Sydney bag, UNIQLO heattech leggings, KELSI DAGGER Dallas boots

Good thing that I believe in thermal under-layers.

style in east village-7


style in east village-3

style in east village-11Thanks to my boo Jinna for braving the cold with me & the photography.

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