At Home – Beautyrest

beautyrest black kate

When you are traveling for a majority of the year, home sweet home is more important than ever. This summer I’ve dedicated the break to creating a cozy apartment that I can come back to and feel completely at home.

“Where we love is home – home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.” -Oliver Wendell Holmes

I’ve painted, bought new furniture, and decluttered my hoarded goods. The first place I started was the bedroom. It’s been the heart of the home since I decidedly spend a lot of time sleeping and working from my bed. As luck would have it, I received the amazing opportunity to experience a luxurious mattress by Simmons, called the Beautyrest Black “Kate”. It was a beautiful thing to upgrade myself from my old “twin” student life to a plush “queen” adult lifestyle. I’ve never slept better in my life!


beautyrest black kate-13

I’ve had about three weeks of sleeping on my new mattress now, and each night I have the soundest and stillest sleep, ever. I used to toss and turn all through out the night and haven’t experienced it since upgrading to the Beautyrest. It’s the memory foam technology! When I first hop onto the bed, I can feel myself melting into the plush pillow top. From there, I adjust for comfort and wake up in the same place the next day. Such good sleep! Not to mention, I wake up more refreshed and focused for the day! During the day, I naturally gravitate to the bed to work on my laptop instead of my desktop, even though I prefer the larger screen (especially editing) — I now prefer the comfier workspace.


beautyrest black kate-7-1

beautyrest black kate-8

The first thing I noticed when the new bed arrived was the height. It’s a tall sixteen inches! Then, I felt the quality of the fabrics. The design and texture elements were super luxe and intricate. Even though the mattress will eventually be covered up by sheets, I really appreciate the attention to every element. It shows they care about both interior and exterior aspects of a product. I’m sure the princess from The Princess and the Pea, can sleep through the night in this bed.


beautyrest black kate-7

As I get older, I invest more into quality and lasting items. A bed is one of the many, mostly because we spend a good chunk of our life sleeping. Here are some of the technology in this mattress making it worthy of the investment:

Advanced Pocketed Coil®
Technology Dynamic Response™
Memory Foam Sleep Climate™
Surface Technology Luxurious Fabrics GelTouch®
Foam AirCool® Memory Foam
Ventilated AirCool® BeautyEdge® Foam Encasement
Compatible with Renew & Renew+ Powerbase Adjustable Foundation

Though a work in progress, I can already see a home that I am inspired by and love waking up to. In a city that never sleeps, good sleep never felt so good, when you can actually get it!

*Mattress compliments of Simmons/Conde Nast. Thanks for the “good support”!