Porto Diary

We are in a foodie city of Porto, Portugal. Slowing down our pace in coastal Porto, a nice change from the whirlwind of Madrid, Spain.
September 28, 2021/by Tineey

Elevate Your Style with a Designer Accessory

A well crafted designer accessory can instantly elevate any look. 
August 10, 2021/by Tineey

Wanderlust with Lash Paradise

Lockdown has me dreaming about the vacation vibes, and I’m glad L’Oreal Paris is on the same page with the new Lash Paradise travel products!
August 25, 2020/by Tineey

Hair Refresh – Next Level Dry Styling

Summertime has officially arrived. That means my hair will need extra help in-between wash days.
June 26, 2020/by Tineey

Lac Superieur + Dog Sledding at Mont Tremblant

Return to Canada for cozy cabin times, dog sledding and some skiing...
March 15, 2020/by Tineey

A Moment for Self & Beauty with Pantene

We all need to take some time for self-care. After an already very busy January -- coming back home from a ski trip and catching up on everything, I think a little me-time is due.
February 7, 2020/by Tineey

Paris, With Love

Nothing like going back to one of my favorite cities in the Fall...
December 3, 2019/by Tineey

Autumnal Coziness

Here's to most comfy times! With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I am so ready to get a little cozier.
November 25, 2019/by Tineey

48 Hours in Madrid

Sangria or wine? When in Spain, you can never really decide which to have with your tapas...
November 11, 2019/by Tineey

Personalized Skincare for Fall

New season, new routines. This is a good time to start transitioning, not only your wardrobe, but your skincare products and regiment.
October 27, 2019/by Tineey

Vienna Diary

Walking through Vienna is like walking through a museum...
October 26, 2019/by Tineey

Summer Hair Rescue

Today, I want to talk about reviving dry hair from all the heat damage I’ve been getting from too much time out in the sun and heat-styling with my flatiron. I’ve been pretty focused on keeping my hair healthy during this break from all color-treatments. 
September 25, 2019/by Tineey