A Vegas Visual Diary

Paris, you have my heart — even in Vegas…

 Welcome to the city of sin, where the lights are bright and the inhibitions have gone loose.

Views from the top of the Paris Eiffel Tower


Only in Vegas…

After my trip from Mexico, my mother and I decided to visit Las Vegas. This was my first time, but not her’s! It was a glorious time, from the limo pickup at the airport to luxuriating in all that this city has to offer. So what did we end up doing? First thing on my bucket list was to pig out at Bacchanal Buffet. It was pretty much everything I’ve heard about! Not only did we ride up to the top of the observation deck at Paris’s Eiffel Tower, but we enjoyed a fabulous dinner there as well. We also rode a gondola around The Venetian and watched a couple get married on one, right next to us. I’m not much of a gambler, so we went shopping instead at The Forum Shops. It’s truly one of the best places to shop! Curiosity brought us down the strip to the pyramid of Luxor and the cityscape of New York, New York. Of course, we stayed at Caesars, spending much of our time under the sun laying in the grandiose pools and relaxing in the steams of Qua Baths & Spa.

Only in Vegas, can you make a trip around “the world” and be in Rome, Paris, Venice, New York City, plus Egypt all in one day.

A Bit of Sightseeing


Royal life at Caesars Palace

Nothing but being poolside in the hot desert sun

…and last, but not least.

Catching the Vegas Sunset


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