A Summer Prosecco Fête

Thanks to Mionetto Prosecco for inviting me to a wonderful event and sponsoring this post!

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It’s officially rosé and bubbly season! To kick summer off, Mionetto and StyleFox hosted a Prosecco party filled with sweet and savory bites, downtown. There were so many reasons to be excited about the fête. First is how much Prosecco brings me back to Italy! I loved eating and drinking my way though the country. Second is the fact that I love a good glass of bubbly and meeting new friends. Mionetto Prosecco is sophisticated enough for a dressy soiree and still can be perfect for a casual get-together. It’s actually an internationally recognized leader in fine sparkling wines from northeast Italy, since 1887.

I started off with the Gran Rosé and was so pleasantly surprised at how sweet it was. I really liked how the savory bites brought it out even more, but sipping it by itself was just perfect. The Prosecco Brut was so well-balanced. I loved it with the pastries and sweets. The afternoon festivities were so much fun. I loved meeting new bloggers, especially the foodies! As a newbie cook, I’m always on the search for new recipes.

Speaking of which….

I was so inspired by Mionetto’s roots in Italy. I put together a quick recipe of my own using that inspiration. Bringing together ingredients that remind me of my experiences there, I made a homemade blueberry limoncello sorbet Prosecco float. I’m glad to be putting that bottle of limoncello I brought back to good use (besides the occasional digestif). I used the Prosecco Brut for this, but if you decided to use the Gran Rosé, I would do a raspberry or strawberry sorbet instead. The colors would play together beautifully.

I would say this is the perfect summer frozen sparkling cocktail. Enjoy!

Mionetto Prosecco Party Mionetto Prosecco Party

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