A Quick Guide to Corning, New York

A wintry jaunt upstate to the quaint town of Corning.





Ironically, I left for Corning and the Finger Lakes on the first day of Spring. The North East is a little delayed when it comes to seasonal weather. It pretty much snowed everyday, sometimes the day gave way to the sun and the white blanket melts. Had I known, I definitely would have brought a pair of Hunter boots! Still, there’s so much to see, eat, and discover.


Radisson Corning Hotel – Located right at the end of Market Street, the main avenue in downtown Corning (Gaffer District), it serves as the perfect home base for walking into town.  The Wi-Fi is complimentary and the bed feels like a cloud. Not to mention, there is a restaurant and spa located within the property!



AgeLess Spa – I love starting a trip with a spa day! It’s the best way to destress and prime yourself for the rest of the trip. Traveling, no matter how long or short, can wear one down. There’s no better remedy than treating yourself. Conveniently situated at my hotel, AgeLess was the coziest spa I’ve ever been to. It’s carpeted and warm. I felt right at home. I erased my day with a facial and massage package. My masseuse and aesthetician was so nice and it was the best thing ever. I was soothed into a nap, and that’s when you know they are doing a great job!

AgeLess Spa Corning New York


Corning Museum of Glass – I came up for the opening of the new contemporary wing of CMOG. It’s so gorgeous (more on that in the next post). When you are in town, you just HAVE TO see this museum and make your own glass. Honestly, I walked away so curious about the science of glass making. The museums collection is so vast, it’s no wonder why it is such an international destination itself. Walk through the history of glass-making and into the new artwork and purposes that can created. Truly fascinating!


Rockwell Museum – If you love history, this is your place. The museum is housed inside the old city hall building and is dedicated to American artwork. Immerse yourself in the development of American culture and have fun. It’s a lovely way to see the early pioneer movement West and the beauty of untouched American nature. As the museum expands, it features more contemporary artists and collections.

Rockwell Museum Corning


Poppleton Pastries – Who else has a sugar tooth? There are breakfast crepes and a plethora of bake goods. They even serve bubble tea here! Plus, I just love the decor of this bakery. Order a delicious nutella and banana crepe and coffee like me or grab a cupcake and bubble tea to go (which I also did). They have a sweet sweet thing going on here.


Grill 1-2-5 – Inside the Radisson, its absolutely convenient to grab breakfast before venturing out for a day of adventure. They offer a breakfast menu and a buffet. Of course, I opted for the tasty buffet option. I like to have variety in my life.


The Cellar – They had me at the vino pad. It’s such a fun way to browse the wine menu and to get a preview of what to expect, especially if you’re a casual drinker. The dining is tapas style and it’s modern fusion. Things that stood out to me that I ordered are the curry popcorn, lamb lollipops, duck fat fries (they have poutine too!), tandoori chicken skewers, and bruschetta fresca. Oh, and that’s a sweet sparkling red called Rosa Regale.







Slammin Jammin – For the strangest reason, I had an inkling for some Southern BBQ. This place really hit the spot. Here’s our dinner spread of brisket, sausage, chicken, pulled pork and our sides of hush puppies, fries, mac salad with corn muffins. Needless to say, it was more than enough and I had to be rolled back to my hotel room. My eyes are always wider than my stomach.


Hand + Foot – My introduction to craft beer. I was never a beer girl, but I’ll give anything a try. I decided on the nitro chocolate porter, which was nice dessert beer without overpowering sweetness. This place serves mouth-watering comfort food with an modern hand. They have their own take on sandwiches like the popular banh mi to buttermilk chicken goodness. There are also a mix of non-sandwich items such as Korean rice cakes and a Scotch breakfast. Have you ever looked at a menu and wanted everything? This is one of those places. Plus, the owners are from NYC! They know good food.





Gaffer District – As the snow melted, it became a prime time to take a walk around the historic downtown Corning. There are plenty of stores to browse through: clothing, ice cream shops, restaurants, antiques and glass boutiques. It a good mix of a little of everything.










Finger Lakes Wine Country – Corning is known as the gateway to the Southern Finger Lakes wine country. Take a road trip into the region and explore the different vineyards, parks and just take in the beauty of nature. I will have a post dedicate to that adventure, soon.

Here’s a taste of what’s to come!




If you made it all the way down here, thanks for reading!



*Thank you to Steuben County Conference & Visitors Bureau for hosting me.