A Look Back at 2018

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Happy New Year, everyone!

Only look back to see how far you’ve come

Before crafting this post, I took a look at my 2016 and 2017 recaps. I find that it’s always nice to do a check-in and see the growth over time — and boy, did so much change! I’ve basically grown up — priorities changed, standards skyrocketed, hair chopped, and aesthetics matured.

So, let’s try to get my scatterbrain to focus on the year we’ve just completed.

Overall, 2018 has been another fulfilling year. For the most part I’ve been able to nail down my goals and intentions. Towards the second half of the year, things started to progressively enter into uncharted territory (in an exciting good way). Following my previous year-in-reviews, I will divide it into the usual four categories of travel, personal, work, and home. This year, I will add a goal at the end. I normally keep a running list of goals in my head and check back every quarter, but I think it’d be nice to start formally publishing it — with some flexibility of course. I don’t believe in rigidity and like to allow for adaptation and change.

If I had to sum up 2018 in a word: EVOLUTION.

HOME // As someone who goes out a lot and loves traveling, I’ve never really prioritized my living and work spaces. This year, I’ve proudly made a some progress in this category. While there’s been minor furnishing details here and there, the two biggest completions have to be my vanity area and bar cart. While they seem like small areas, I’m so happy we’ve made it this far. Also, I need to drop Instant Pot here. It’s life and with the recent addition of an air fryer, the kitchen became such a fun place.

Goal: For 2019, I want to make progress in my closet/office/studio situation. With a lot of living essentials in place, I’m focusing on the extra.

TRAVEL // Wow, when I said I wanted to stay in NYC for awhile, I really manifested it. This year, I’ve finally *really* settled back in my city and only made weekender trips. I loved visiting the Hamptons over the summer! We’ve made it out to Southampton and Sag Harbor. In the Fall, I was able to head up the Hudson Valley to catch some nice foliage.

Goal: This year, I definitely am ready to put travel back on my list. My travel fatigued has finally faded and I’m ready for new adventures. I’m going to leave it open to the universe and see where it will take me.

WORK // I’ve definitely diversified my portfolio this year. (hello, former finance girl!) Without intending to, I embraced the growth of not one but two new branches in my business. As someone who mainly focuses on creating photo/video content for her own platforms (organic and paid), I’ve officially dipped my toes into producing content work solely for brands’ platforms/distribution. In addition, I’ve started to experience the “talent’ aspect of the industry. While I’ve never thought of being on-camera or on-screen for anything outside of my personal blog, IG or Youtube channel, I unbelievably took part on several projects as a “model/talent” in both photo and video productions.

It’s so crazy how much the role of digital influencer has evolved these days. We wear a lot more hats now than the early days of blogging. I feel so incredibly excited with the new avenues my business has gained. My takeaway from this is: Have a mission/vision and stick to it. Your personal brand will revolve around it and all decisions making will be easier.

Goal: Keep going at it! As long as I maintain an overarching vision, I can make sure to not spread myself too thin. Hopefully, I can work towards crossing off some dream brands to partner with. Also, more YouTube consistency never hurt nobody!

PERSONAL // This seems to be a big one for me this year. My personal growth affects many other facets of my life (work, home etc). I think this is the year I’ve evolved. Like a switch flipped on, I’ve magically solidified who I am. What I want has never been clearer. With purpose, cutting off all of my hair was an easy choice. I didn’t even blink. I knew I wanted to get rid of at least 12 inches of hair for the longest time and it led me to a bob. My first cut was only 8 inches in the spring and it still wasn’t enough, so I took off a foot in the fall. The new look also emboldened me. I don’t have my long locks as a security blanket anymore. Not only that, but with the new look, I had to adjust style-wise. My wardrobe choices have changed. I’ve been told I went from a cute/pretty style to chic/edgy. I’m all for the grown style. The new vibes feels a lot more natural and really draws out the New Yorker in me. Finally, my winged liner suits my entire look.

You may notice the changes in my aesthetics in work and home as well. I’ve never been more satisfied with my actions and lifestyle. I also loved establishing more traditions this year with close ones. Skincare game has really been stepped up. My weakest point is wellness. It was sporadic bursts of gym and clean eating at best this year. Definitely far from the person I was in 2016.

Best of all, I started to foster dogs this year (summer). That in itself is super rewarding but came with its own challenges, especially since I’ve never had experience in pets (unless you count fish, even then, ehhhh). Five rescue dogs so far, including the cutest puppy last month to a three-legged senior for my first. I’m so happy to find a long-term charity commitment. I’ve been on-and-off searching for a consistent way to give-back for awhile now and am so glad I landed on this. As a recurring theme this year, things come your way when you aren’t looking. Thanks to my bestie for pushing me into becoming a foster! (She adopted her foster.)

Goal: Amplify the person I am now. Things only get better with time and conditioning. Get into a regular fitness routine again. More puppies! Read more books.

Okay, that was a long one. I didn’t expect to be so chatty.

Here’s to 2019 and all the new experiences it will bring!

NYE Metallic Party Dress NYE Metallic Party Dress

It felt nice writing out my end of year thoughts. I’m generally a pretty positive person and keep things moving. I honestly prioritize the joie de vivre outlook in everything I do.

January also happens to be my birthday month! I already know what I want to do ;)

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