A Day in Copenhagen


Leaving the sunshine in Rome, I went North and made a seventeen hour(ish) stopover in Copenhagen. It was an interesting change of pace as I went on my first solo mission (travel) from an opulent city to one known for modern design. Seriously, the Copenhagen airport was the best I’ve been so far! I love efficiency and availability of numerous shops (luxury & high street). I couldn’t stop raving about it to my best friend back home. Can you fall in love with an airport?

Besides, that I think it’s pretty fun to start my Euro trip in one Scandinavian country (Iceland) and leave from another. Even border patrol noticed with a smile, as I collected my stamp before heading home.


Anderson Boutique Hotel – My boyfriend actually picked this hotel for me, over a Google Hangout call, while I was in Rome. It’s central to everything and has a nice design element to it. I mean, I’m also a sucker for pink (there are blue rooms, too). As with everything, the check-in and check-out was super efficient. Free wifi and breakfast was a major, plus. Hotels really should make that standard everywhere. Plus, the staff is so friendly! They held my luggage after check-out and equipped me with a pink umbrella and map of the city, as I went out to explore.

Anderson Hotel-2
Anderson Hotel-3

View from my room!


Restaurant M – Feeling pretty hungry after walking around the city, I decided to stop into here. Though my stay in Copenhagen was short, I had to grab a Danish meal before leaving. After a moment of indecisiveness, I ordered the Varm rødspættefilet w/ remoulade, as you can see below. They were great in explaining the menu for me and  I felt really cozy inside this modern restaurant. Food was great, server was really warm, and I couldn’t ask for more!

Restaurent M Copenhagen


I read somewhere that you can walk all of Copenhagen, since it’s a small city. I decided to do just that! As a New York native, my legs are pretty used to strolling the stretch from LES to UES with no problem, especially if it’s beautiful out. Unfortunately, it was pouring when I decided to walk Copenhagen, but that didn’t stop me! Although, I had a map, I decided to keep it in my bag and just go where my legs took me, passing through and by Central Station (two blocks from my hotel), Strøget (the longest shopping street in Europe), Tivoli Gardens, plus many cafes and colorful historic buildings – all for the admiring. Walking around was really safe, and everyone spoke great English. I wish I had more time to walk down to the canal, and eat at more restaurants.


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