10 Best Things to Do in Puerto Rico

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A few things to make your stay in paradise even better, plus new never before published photos!


Wow! As we slowly melt out from winter’s grips, all I can think about is a sweet island getaway. The first place that comes to mind is Puerto Rico. As a New Yorker, the flight to San Juan is easy as cake, making it great for a weekend escape (no passport needed!) to the Caribbean. I had so much fun the first time I went to this beautiful island, so I’m sharing my top things that can’t be missed while you’re there.

Puerto Rico is a destination with an activity for every kind of traveler. Personally, we love to luxuriate, adventure, and taste the culture. There is a plethora of world-class attractions, sights and accommodations.

 1. Relax on a Beautiful Beach


This is everyone’s favorite vacation activity. Puerto Rico has over 270 miles of gorgeous coastlines. There is nothing more spectacular than stepping into the crystal turquoise waters and smooth white sands. I was the happiest girl in the world during that moment. It’s beaches are a part Travel Channel’s Top 10! Grab a floatie or a beach chair and soak up the sun. It’s good for you. My favorite, on the private isla of Palomino.

photo 2

2. Go for a Sail


As a lover of the open seas, there’s nothing more liberating that a smooth cruise under the beating sun. There are plenty of ports and marinas on Puerto Rico to rent a sail boat, catamaran or yacht. Hire a skipper and breeze through the Caribbean or get a lesson and learn to navigate the waters yourself. I absolutely love how soothing a sail can be.


3. Learn to Surf or Paddleboard


Being on vacation is the best opportunity to pick up a new sport. Since we are on an island, water sports are available everywhere. There are beaches for the most experienced surfers and novice paddleboarders (like me). Plenty of rental and lesson options are available all over the island.

4. Discover a New Underwater World


This leaves me speechless every single time. If you love to swim, snorkeling is the best water activity. The amount of underwater life you see is truly amazing. Puerto Rico has great beaches where fish will tickle your legs by the shore. There are also great reefs you can sail out to and discover the most colorful landscapes and ocean life. We saw this beautiful stingray snorkeling around Lobos Cay.

5. Delve into the History of San Juan


The old world charm of San Juan brings many visitors to its shores. If you love cruising, there’s a port that will bring you to this vibrant city. Discover the old part of town lined with colorful buildings and historic sites, including forts and castles.

san juan-2

6. Kayak through a Bio Bay


If you are up for an adventure, I highly recommend this activity. It can be a very inspiring part of your vacation. There are only a few known locations of bioluminescent bays in the entire world and Puerto Rico has three of them. Single-cell organisms called dinoflagellates emits a glow in the waters and can be seen at nightfall. Avoid a full moon, and you can literally watch an entire body of water light up around you in the pitch darkness. As we kayaked through the Laguna Grande, the water lit up with a constellation of glows as our paddles disturbed it. Magical.

7. Eat and drink Local


Puerto Rico is the Rum Capital of the World. This is a great time to enjoy a few drinks and learn more about the distilleries on the island. Besides the cocktails you’ll have, Puerto Rican food is delicious and savory. Please have a dish of mofongo for me!

8. Hike the Rainforest Trails

There’s nothing like having a rainforest in your backyard. Hike the trails of El Yunque National Forest, and see a variety of wildlire and immerse yourself in nature. We would hear the coqui tree frogs, see birds and cool off under the waterfalls.


9. Indulge in Luxury


After a long day on an adventure, I love coming back to a great living space and ultra comfort. After all, you are on vacation! Puerto Rico has a nice list of luxurious resorts with the best spas and service. There’s nothing quite like getting a massage after a good hike or water sport. We stayed at the Waldorf Astoria resort in Fajardo and it was everything we’d imagined a getaway to be. Next time we go back, I have my eye on the W on Vieques Island.

10. Shop ‘Til You Drop


Puerto Rico has an amazing amount of retail stores, malls and outlets to shop from. Since we rented a car, we were able to drive from the luxurious shops of Condado, to Plaza Las Americas (the largest mall in the Caribbean), and the Premium Outlets. There’s much to shop and bring home! We definitely brought back some souvenirs. Plus, it doesn’t get easier needing only the US currency here.


So, those are my top ten must-do’s in Puerto Rico. I made sure these were on my itinerary and I can’t wait to vacation here again! Any one of these activities will give you a 5-star getaway, and you deserve it! For even more ideas and information about the island, visit seepuertorico.com.

Have you been to Puerto Rico? If you are planning a trip here soon, what is on your list? Let me know!

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