Downtown // #ytNYC

fur coatStyleNanda
sweater, sneaker wedgesZara
bag3.1 Phillip Lim

Say hello to my big bird faux fur coat. On the last day of February, I spent a day at Google’s New York headquarters for the YouTube NYC partner meetup. It was sort of a mini-conference with a panel lineup and a workshop at the end. This outfit inspired one of my looks I filmed for my last video. I kept it a little monochromatic with a bright pop of pink.

At the end, we had to break into groups with people in the same vertical as us. Since, there weren’t too many fashion/beauty video girls out there, we broadened our search for lifestyle peeps. The video we collaborated on ended up pretty funny (embarrassing?) on the big screen, but all in all we had good times creating it. Here’s a photo of our group!

L-R: Randi, Jinna, Joe, Me, Rachel, Kiki

Happy Hour later on…

P.S. Thanks Joe for the pics ;)